3DPC2024 Finalists are selected

Congratulations to the Finalists!
They were selected out of numerous submissions from 25 countries and 5 continents in a multistage jury-process.

Check out their projects bellow and on our social media channel till the exhibition:

Come and see the 3DPC2024 Finalists : The exhibition and award ceremony of the award takes place at Rapid.Tech 3D at Messe Erfurt, which will offer a platform for additive technologies for the 20th time from 14 to 16 May 2024 and provide significant impulses for the sector.

...it stays exciting!
Attend the 3DPC on-site award ceremony- 15 May 2023, 3:30pm- 3DPC booth- that´s when then winners will be announced.

International Design Competition for Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Technologies

The ninth edition of the 3D Pioneers Challenge seeks the creative innovations with long-term appeal, as well as operational projects that drive the implementation of additive technologies in the established manufacturing industry.

Focus 2024

Collaborative Mindset

Cutting-edge processes, materials and procedures are creating ground-breaking applications in Additive Manufacturing and thus offering chances for the economy, industry and sustainability, for a responsible production.
Implementation in the established manufacturing industry however demands a "collaborative mindset" - the mutual, open attitude of working cooperatively and courageously towards common goals. Where are realistic applications in the industry and what best practices are already in progress?

This open mindset becomes apparent in the convergence of advanced technologies. When robotics, smart materials, cloud technologies or blockchain interact with additive processes, this leads to disruptive concepts and sharpens the focus for strategy changes and pave the way for meaningful advancements.

A gaze upon the impressively vibrant developments in Artificial Intelligence, such as automated image generation, provides a glimpse of the possible when AI generates three-dimensional products that are then translated from the digital to the real world through additive processes.

The 3D Pioneers Challenge seeks and supports the pioneers pursuing these ground-breaking approaches.

Verticals 2024

Find the detailed describtion: for download here


Prize money
of EUR 35.000
kindly supported by the Thuringian Ministry of Economic Affairs Science and Digital Society .

3DPC Trophy
The main prize winner will be awarded the "3DPC Trophy". This limited edition design object, created especially for the 3DPC, was developed in 2020 as a project within "3DPC & Friends", in cooperation with the jury member Ross Lovegrove, the winner of "3DPC 2019 Digital" Hyperganic and partner Materialise .

Special Mention by Autodesk Technology Centers
The Autodesk Technology Centers recognize excellence in the 3DPC by providing the opportunity to 3 winners to join the Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network - a global community of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers building future-focused technology in design, AEC, manufacturing, and more that is destined to change our world.
Further information for download here and at Autodesk Technology Centers .

3D Printer

Digital tools

  • 3YOURMIND awards a "3YOURMIND Software & Consulting" package for the "Best industrial project".
    Find out more about this prize.

  • CASTOR awards the "Sustainability benefit- award”. The winner will receive training from CASTOR and access to the CASTOR software for a sustainability analysis of his applications.
    Find out more about this prize.

  • nTop gives two "nTop full versions "

Business tools

  • Coaching to scale to the next level
    „Push your business to the next level“ with the customized coaching by AM Ventures Depending on the approach the winning team will get input towards „Pitch Coaching“, “Business modell“ or „Scaling“.
    Find out more.

  • Meet the experts
    Expert dialogue with 10xDNA, Frank Thelen and Paul Schmidt.
    Find out more.

avedition, the publishers for Architecture and Design hands out books for the winners.

The prizes and specials are selected with the partners of the 3DPC & Friends network to support participants in taking the best advantages for their projects.

Special Feature 2024

3D Pioneers Challenge and nTop are partnering again to give 3DPC participants free access to nTop. After the successful premiere of this “Special feature” in 2021, 3DPC and nTop were happy to provide this again to the submitters so that they could benefit to bring their entries to the next level.
nTop winner of the "3DPC 2020 Digital", supports as part of the 3DPC & Friends network. Participants have the opportunity to obtain a license for the nTop platform as well as additional training materials for designing and producing a submission with this "next generation design & engineering software".

Detailed information see here the nTop blog about the 3DPC cooperation.


The competition is aimed at those who shape the future working in design or technical fields, as well as the automotive, software engineering, research and medical sectors - who are breaking new ground with advanced technologies, considering the entire value chain of additive manufacturing processes and feeling the important trends.
Previously published to novel projects may be submitted as well as entries that have been created in group work.



Die Schmelzeinheit: Das Herzstück des Bosch Pellet Printers // The melting unit: the centrepiece of the Bosch Pellet Printer
Bosch Industrial Additive Manufacturing
Hendrik Jahnle, Birte Moye
Digital Building Technologies + FenX
Patrick Bedarf, Anna Szabo, Benjamin Dillenburger, Alex Heusi, Aybige Öztüre, Enrico Scoccimarro, Michele Zanini, Etienne Jeoffroy
Materialise´s crucial role in the world’s first whole eye transplant
Materialise NV
NYU Langone Health Hospital
Balena X Variable Seams
Brigitte Kock
from Variable Seams, Team Balena: David Roubach, Yael Joyce Vantu, Pavel Vergun, Rotem Biks, Galy Levy, Dalia Diamond, Tzachi Shem Tov, Yael Roth
Jessica Nissen, Patricia López, Ivana Llobet
Zgutka Studio
Sebastian Zgutka
Symbiotic Spaces
Laurin Kilbert
// Laurin Kilbert: Design, artistic lead, organization, documentation, Fotos // Joana Schmitz: Machine building, material research // Julian Trotman: Machine building // Luise Stark: Documentation, ethnographic research // NABU Niedersachsen: Biology collaboration // rauke Imbrock, Nature Conservatory Office Hildesheim: Biology collaboration // Schulbiologiezentrum Hildesheim: Educational & biology collaboration // Fablab espacio open: Machine building // Jetclay: Machine building // Paul Knopp: Short filmProject startet 2022 and is ongoing
micro factory
micro factory 3DSolutions GmbH
Maximilian Straßer, Alexander Stieren, Leonard Krebs, Dennis Illi, Simon Rost, Lara Eckert
Satellite antenna structure by CFIP
Reinforce3D, SL
Marc Crescenti, Joan Marc Escudero
3D printed couture lingerie
Olivia Bodak
Patient-specific Femoral Implant with Osseointegration
Advanced Engineering Solutions
Dr. Andreas Vlahinos, Design Engineer and CTO at Advance Engineering Solutions / Jose Coronado, Additive Manufacturing Software Development Expert at PTC / Reitman, Michael, CAD Software Development Expert at PTC / Ronen Ben Horin, Implant Manufacturing at PTC / Dr. Dadia Solomon, Surgeon and Head of Surgical Innovation and 3D Printing at Levin Orthopedic Oncology Department at Tel Aviv Medical Center / Eran Golden CTO at Tel Aviv Medical Center, Implant Development Guidance at Levin Orthopedic Oncology Department at Tel Aviv Medical Center.
WAAM Reinforced Pressure Vessel
Project lead: Thomas Van Glabeke (MX3D), WAAM Engineer: Jean-François Moulin (MX3D), Print path preparation: Sabine Vecvagare (MX3D), Robotics: Quint van Dijk (MX3D), System: M1 Metal AM System, Workflow: MetalXL
Optimising a Synchrotron Absorber Using Additive Manufacturing in Copper
STFC UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh, UK
Younes Chahid1, Carolyn Atkins1, Stephen Hodbod2, John Robinson3,4, Xia Liu2, Stephen Watson1, Maia Jones1, Mark Cliffe1, Dayo Ogunkanmi1, Richard Kotlewski1, Lee Chapman1, Scott Beamish2, Arun Arjunan3, Chantal Fowler5, Paul Vivian2(1_STFC UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Edinburgh, UK // 2_Diamond Light Source, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 0DE, UK // 3_Additive Manufacturing Functional Materials research group, University of Wolverhampton, Telford, TF2 9NT, UK // 4_Additive Analytics, Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills, Springfield Campus, Wolverhampton, WV10 0JP, UK // 5_STFC UK Innovations Technology Access Centre, Didcot, UKThe participants gratefully acknowledge STFC Centre for Instrumentation (CfI) and UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship project: Printing the future of space telescopes - MR/T042230/1 for funding this research
Printsugi - Repairing broken parts using 3D printing
Layer Performance
Lukas Pelzer, Laura Johnen, Marc André Weyermann, Patrick Liebe
IWK 5X - Neuartiger 5-Achsen 3D-Drucker aus der Schweiz
OST- Ostschweizer Fachhochschule
Daniel Omidvarkarjan, Daniel Aeschbacher, Simon Grimm, Silvan Bruhin, Fabian Duft, Dario Schafroth
Crystal Lamella
Julia Koerner, Kais Al-Rawi, Georg Popp, Emma Sanson, Naomi Neururer
MaxResolution3D GmbH
Dr. Max Männel, Dario Dill
Rock Solid - limitless washed concrete 3D printing
HFG Karlsruhe
Lukas Dechau
Fraunhofer IGCV
Founders: Max Horn, Lukas Langer, Timo Schröder // Co-inventors & dental experts: Josef Schweiger, Kurt Erdelt, Oliver Schubert, Jan-Frederik Güth, Johannes Trimpl // Mentor: Christian Seidel
Additive Manufactured Neurostimulation Headset
ETH Zurich pd|z
ETH Zurich and the startup Bottneuro
ETH Zurich, Digital Building Technologies
Matthias Leschok, Marirena Kladeftira, Nik Eftekhar, Benjamin Dillenburger
What a mesh
Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle
Catherina Stuckmann, Marco Mehringer
Shoe & Sole Crafters 3D
Tomas Bata University
Olejníčková, Magda Křížková, Martin Severa, Amálie Magdaléna Mlčochová, Michaela Koreňová, Pavel Ochonský, Lucie Trejtnarová, František Hůla, Adam Řehák
additive tectonics GmbH
Team additive tectonics
Chromatic Dress
Anouk Wipprecht x Chromatic 3D
CHROMA COLLECTION- Anouk Wipprecht x Chromatic 3D // Anouk Wipprecht, Cora Leibig
Emerging objects
Virginia San Fratello
3D Spark - Sustainable and Digital Industrial Manufacturing
3D Spark GmbH
Nihal Gupta, Dr. Arnd Struve, Dr. Cagri Üzüm, Ruben Meuth, Dr. Fritz Lange, Julia Lakämper, Michael Jasinski, Nihal Gupta, Pedro Cintra, Stephan Hohenthal, Tom Gensch, Chiemerie Arum.
Motion Preserving Spine Implant Iteration 3.1 and 3.2
Ahmad Mahjoub
Acci: non-assembly instrument for eye surgery
Kirsten Lussenburg, TU Delft, Biomechanical Engineering
Kirsten Lussenburg
Fraunhofer IKTS
Sebastian Tischer, Dr. Lars Rebenklau, Dr. Roman Forke, Dr. Uwe Scheithauer, Nadine Lorenz, Eric Schwarzer-Fischer, Paul Gierth, Daniel Bülz
Tor Alva
ETH Zürich
Architektur Prof. Dr. Benjamin Dillenburger, Digital Building Technologies Michael Hansmeyer Team: Dr. Ana Anton (Research Lead), Eleni Skevaki, Che Wei Lin, Ming-Yang Wang, Lena Kitani, Su Huang, Dr. Konrad Graser (Project Coordination) // Tragwerk Prof. Dr. Walter Kaufmann, Institut für Baustatik u. Konstruktion Team: Dr. Alejandro Giraldo Soto, Dr. Lukas Gebhard // Baustoffe Prof. Dr. Robert Flatt, Institut für Baustoffe Team: Dr. Timothy Wangler, Dr. Lex Reiter // Tragwerksingenieur Conzett Bronzini Partner // Industry Partners Invias Zindel Uffer, Mesh AG, // Client: Dr. Giovanni Netzer, Intendant der Nova Fundaziun Origen Team: Anja Diener, Rebecca Suenderhauf, Philipp Bühler, Torry Trautmann, Sandro Pirovino
Joost Meyer, Federico Garrido, Emilia Grüne, Ana Ferretti Martarello, Mihaela Georgieva, Christina Hömberg (Start-Up RWTH Aachen)
Dual Metal 3D-printed Aerospike Engine
Josefine Lissner, Lin Kayser
SSV Architekten,
KRAUSGRUPPE, Mense Korte architekten, PERI, Heidelberg Materials,
Vision-controlled jetting for composite systems and robots
ETH Zurich
Thomas J. K. Buchner, Simon Rogler, Stefan Weirich, Yannick Armati, Barnabas Gavin Cangan, Javier Ramos, Scott T. Twiddy, Davide M. Marini, Aaron Weber, Desai Chen, Greg Ellson, Joshua Jacob, Walter Zengerle, Dmitriy Katalichenko, Chetan Keny, Wojciech Matusik, Robert K. Katzschmann
Leverage AM through simulation-driven optimization of a titanium bellcrank
OTH Amberg-Weiden
Hofmann Markus, Atzenhofer Luis
CITA Centre for Information Technology and Architecture / Royal Danish Academy
Paradigm Shifters
Daniel Clark
SDU CREATE - Led by Ass. Prof. Dr. Roberto Naboni // Research Team: Luca Breseghello, Daniele Florenzano, Hamed Hajikarimian, Roberto Naboni // Industrial partners: Weber Saint Gobain Denmark, Hyperion Robotics
The North Star- 3D printed Pavilion
Nyxo Visionary Design
Nyxo Visionary Design: Mirko Daneluzzo, Michele Daneluzzo, Cristian Li Voi, Aparna Anil Priya, Martina Negri
Led by Ass. Prof. Dr. Roberto Naboni // Research Team: Roberto Naboni, Luca Breseghello, Ardeshir Talaei, Daniele Florenzano //Industrial partners: Weber Saint Gobain Denmark, Hyperion Robotics
3D Printed Electronic Skin
Texas A&M University
Shounak Roy, Kaivalya A. Deo, Hung Pang Lee, John Soukar, Myeong Namkoong, Limei Tian, Amit Jaiswal, Akhilesh K. Gaharwar
Sketchurizer - From sketch to 3D model in less than a minute.
University of Duisburg-Essen
Dr. Jonas Auda, Dr. Uwe Grünefeld

Jury 2024

Ralf Anderhofstadt

Head of Center of Competence Additive Manufacturing & AMS – Additive Manufacturing Solutions Daimler Truck | Author

Martin Back

CEO of BASF Forward AM BASF Forward AM

Frank Beckmann

Deputy Head of Institute, Fraunhofer

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christiane Beyer

Dean of 'Product Development and Design' at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Dr. Shajay Bhooshan

B.Arch, M.Arch, M.Phil - Associate Director Zaha Hadid Architects

Stefanie Brickwede

Managing director project 3D printing/ Head of AM
DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH ; Managing director Mobility goes Additive e.V - mga

Lutz Dietzold

Chief Executive Officer, German Design Council

Magí Galindo

Scientific & Technical Director at IAM3DHUB

Stephan Galozy

CPO at

Sarah Goehrke

Founder Additive Integrity

Arno Held

Managing Partner AM Ventures

Dr. Karsten Heuser

Vice President Additive Manufacturing, Siemens Digital Industries

Thomas Hundt

Prof. Thomas Hundt
CEO jangled nerves

Brian Ingold

Head of Applications and Adoption at

Carina Lebsack

Head of Corporate Sustainability & Circularity
Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

Marie-Lucie Linde

Sustainability expert and founding member of the cooperative sustainable natives and Managing Partner at nextblooming GmbH

Ulf Lindhe

Business Innovator and Additive Manufacturing Advisor,
Chief Marketing OfficerADAXIS

Ross Lovegrove

Lovegrove Studio

Dr. Cora Lüders-Theuerkauf

Innovation Manager at B. Braun Group Vascular Systems Berlin

Alana Mongkhounsavath

Strategic Development Manager with Autodesk Research // Special Mention by Autodesk, Autodesk Technology centers

Sherri Monroe

Executive Director, Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association AMGTA

Kristin Mulherin

Founder & President, AM-Cubed // President, Women in 3D Printing

Naomi Nathan

Network Manager Medical goes Additive e.V / Mobility goes Additive e.V.

Joris Peels

Vice President Consulting at SmarTech Analysis and Executive Editor at 3DPrint.com

Sonja Rasch

Sales Director and BD serial production/aerospace at Materialise GmbH

Paul Schmidt

Senior Research Analyst

Dr.-Ing. Sascha Schwarz

Managing Director
TUM Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Dirk Simon

Interim Manager, Special Projects - FKM Sintertechnik GmbH

Peter Storey

Principal Research Engineer, Autodesk Research 's Industry Futures team

Joachim Stumpp

Director raumPROBE

Andreas Velten

IFA3D Medical Solutions GmbH

Christoph Völcker

"Innovation Lab - AM" at Würth Elektronik eiSos
GmbH & Co. KG